Let's Go On An Unguided
Alaska Moose Hunt 

With Master Guides Hugh and Ryan Krank

Alaska Bush Adventures guides and outfitters have over 35 years of experience planning fully outfitted unguided Alaska moose hunting trips for hunters from all over the world for North America's largest moose, often known as the 'ALASKAN' or 'YUKON' moose.
Experience a memorable Alaskan Yukon moose hunting adventure with their expert advice, knowledge and understanding because


Unguided fully outfitted Alaska moose hunt

Fully outfitted, self-guided Alaskan moose hunting and planning programmes are becoming increasingly popular throughout Alaska. These hunts may appear more expensive than a DIY hunt at first glance, but they typically have a greater success rate and can save you time and anxiety about collecting the necessary hunting permits, tags, and licenses, arranging chartered flights, and transporting your personal gear there and back. The Alaskan moose are undoubtedly the most sought-after big game animal in Alaska.Prepare for the best self-guided Alaska moose float hunting adventure you can get with all the help, support, logistical guidance, and fully outfitted equipment service. Alaska Bush Adventures will help you with everything you may need on your DIY Alaskan moose river float hunting adventure. 

Hugh and the staff at Alaska Bush Adventures can help you with all the paperwork related to your river float moose hunt, so it is advised that you become fully acquainted with the state's big game hunting regulations. As a start, you should watch the informational videos from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game below.

Let's Go Hunting


Because they provide you with a large, diverse range of river float hunting gear and equipment, which is likely to be all that you will require, you will have less gear and equipment to bring with you on your trip, allowing you a weight limit of 70 pounds per person for the flight from anchorage to the starting point of your river float hunting trip and back to anchorage from the end point of your river float hunt. They will also provide you with a "comprehensive suggested gear and equipment" list to help you bring your own gear, as well as a complete and detailed schedule that includes logistical information and contacts for obtaining other necessary permits and license tags for before and after your return to Anchorage, as well as advice on how to care for your harvested game.

Gear loaded - ready for take off
Arrivals Area
Gear - off loaded 
Raft inflated - gear loaded
Row row row your raft

Self guided River Float Hunting Tips

Begin planning your trip early. Alaska Bush Adventures unguided moose hunts are usually fully booked for one or two years in advance, as is the case with most Alaskan guide and outfitter services. THE KEY TO RIVER FLOATING hunting trips for moose is not to spend all day floating down the river hoping to spot a moose. Do keep your eyes and ears open just in case they could be close by in the thicket, especially during the 'Rut' because the bulls may be travelling alongside the river, but usually in the thickets, making it difficult to spot them. Even if you do see or hear one, by the time you have moored the raft and gathered your stuff, they could be anywhere. A better tactic is to set up your first camping spot at the recommended location, set up your tent, check your gear, and plan your hunt for the next day, getting up onto higher buffs near the river and glassing as far as you can see. 

Set up the tent
Getting Ready For A
Good Night Sleep
A hearty breakfast
to start your day

For over three decades, Alaska Bush Adventures guides and outfitters have been dedicated to making truly unforgettable hunting experiences in the heart of Alaska's wilderness.With Alaska Bush Adventures, it's not just about hunting; it's about hunting your way on a self-guided DIY Alaskan Yukon moose hunting adventure in the heart of Alaska's remote southwestern wilderness and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Alaska Bush Adventures is your expert guide and outfitter service for a memorable self-guided Alaskan moose hunting experience. They are specialists in organising this type of hunting trip for an 'Alaskan Yukon Moose'; it's an exceptional hunting experience.


Check the GPS Co-Ordinates
Off you go on your hunt

Moose have excellent hearing and can hear sounds from quite a distance away, especially the call of a cow during the rutting season. However, they are pretty relaxed about it and may even take a whole day to get closer, so be patient. Remember to emulate the natural calls from the cow moose; around four calls is sufficient, either just once or one after the other. Wait a little bit and try again. Gluck sounds can be amplified by using megaphone-like devices made of birch bark or plastic to amplify them. Some hunters also make effective use of their cupped hands.

Calling the moose 
Sometimes a bit of
height is required
There he is
The fair chase begins
Wait for the right moment
Got him
Carry the weight
You won't get lost with thiis
Back to the pick up point
A timely arrival
Another Prize Alaska Moose
Trophy Hunt

12 / 14 Day Unguided Alaska Moose
River Float Hunt 
Price Guide

Please Note:
Remember that this is just a guide. While we will make every effort to keep it current, you must confirm with Alaska Bush Adventures prior to making a reservation.

We disclaim any liability for expired hunting prices in accordance with this website's terms of use policy.

  • 12 DAYS or Less
    $11,600 per hunter
    Moose, Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine & Fishing Float Trip 

    Non-hunters/Observers $500 per day

  • 14 DAYS
    $12,600 per hunter
    Moose, Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine & Fishing Float Trip 

    Non-hunters/Observers $500 per day

  • Moose Tag $800
    Black Bear Tags $450
    Wolverine Tag $350
    Wolves $0 in Unit 19
  • Non-Resident Hunting License is $160
    14-Day Non-Resident Sport Fishing License $105
    7-Day Non-Resident Sport Fishing License $70
    3-Day Non-Resident Sport Fishing License $45
  • There is a $2,200 per person Alaskan Bush Plane Charter flight from Anchorage to the field & back to Anchorage from the pick up point.

    Your personal gear allowance on these charter flights is 70 pounds each.
    A minimum of two people required to go on this type of hunt
  • Hotel rooms in Anchorage for the day of your arrival to Anchorage & the night you return from the field from your hunting trip.
    Single or double occupancy is around $150 per night.
  • SOURCE DATA Alaska Bush Adventures Please note:
    A minimum of 2 people required to book this hunt

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